Living without colour is like living without love.

Kelly Wearstler

I‘m Maria, Creative Director and stylist at MI Designs.

I graduated from the renowned Sydney Design School as a qualified interior decorator & stylist in 2019. My passion is transforming residential spaces, creating striking combinations with an elegant touch and contemporary composition.

I am a colour enthusiast. Colours have psychological impact on us and they can evoke specific moods and influence the way we feel or act by creating either a calm, relaxing or a lively and energetic interior. Personally speaking, I love adding splashes of colour to an interior in order to create interest and ambience.

My interest in interiors started from travels and exposure to several cultures.

I created my business with the intent to help those who like creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing and complements their personal taste and style.

The most meaningful part of my work is working alongside my clients and being able to be part of a transformation journey and seeing them proud and happy with their dream home.