Creative Consultation

Ever wanted to find what is that is not quite right in your own space? Or had ideas to freshen up you rooms, but had no clue where or how to start?

This is your chance to get together for a one off 1.5 hour session to walk and talk your space and look at your home with fresh eyes!

New builds, renovations or just the finishing touches, we can work as a team and develop a new vision: Colour schemes, concept direction and mood boards, fixtures and finishes, Ideas on where to purchase items, Spatial planning, furniture and styling ideas.

After our session you will also receive an email detailing all what we have discussed in a presentation for you to refer back to.

A Day With A Stylist!

Do you need help choosing some finishing touches to your interiors?

Guess what, I would love to assist you pick some unique additions to your favourite place, home! We can shop together, picking pieces that are individual to you and your family and that would complement your designs style and needs…

Property Styling

Style to sell…

We will work with you to make your home ready for the market. Combine your personal touch and my professional skills to achieve the best results to sell your property.

We’ll guide your with the design direction and come up with the best layout for your home. we will also work with local Furniture Hire Companies, carefully select pieces that are perfect to your style for your home and that will also appeal to the likely demographic of your buyer, which can help a faster sale and a higher sale price.


This Service is ideal for you if…
You are looking at styling and decorating your space.
You have furniture you would like to keep, but would like to add a stylish touch with decoration that complements your design style and brings the functionality that you need in your space.
You want an interior decorator to style your space but you’re happy to purchase the products yourself on your own pace and time.
You need an affordable and convenient way to have your place styled and decorated professionally, regardless of your location or availability.


  • Complimentary 15mins consultation via video call/ phone call to define your project needs
  • Design questionnaire
  • Personalised design tailored to your lifestyle and needs
  • Design documentation – mood boards, colour schemes, furniture, soft furnishing, artwork, lighting and decorative elements
  • Source list with website links to purchase the specified products.
  • Procurement, installation & styling – additional fees apply

Small Room

  • Entryways, Hallways & Nooks

Medium Room

  • Home Offices, Nurseries

Large Room

  • Lounge Rooms, Dining Rooms, Master Bedrooms, Guest Bedrooms, Children bedrooms , Teen Bedrooms, Outdoors